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4.3" Lcd touch Piggyback Arm

This will be a piggyback for a 4.3" or 7" lcd touchscreen based on the SSD1963 controller. It will be used in my domotica system Joshua.  
My first project that's arm based. I will use the Stm32F103RCT6, cortex M3.
After trying different compilers i decided that Coocox is the one the will suite my needs the best. Affordable (free), not to complicated but still Eclipse based and it supports a lot of different types of arm processors and debugger.
Stay tuned to see the result... 
 Design front
 Design back
 Pcb front
 Pcb back
 Attached to lcd
Nixie Clock #2 IN16
My second nixie clock design.
This clock is compared with my other Nixie clock much simpler, it uses less components and the code is kept simple and short.
The segments are multiplexed to increase lifetime of the tubes and simplify the 170V power supply.
Due the separate tube pcb it's possible to use it with other tube's. I have used IN-16 tubes for this clock, bought them on ebay.


To-do: Wooden enclosure with aluminium top and bottom.


 Design top
Design Bottom
 Pcb top
 Pcb Bottom  Pcb Tube
 Result  Result  

Schematic pdf
Eagle cad pcb and schematic
Bascom Source code


Nice video to show the multiplexing, shot with 1000fps.



'=  Simple IN-16 nixie tube clock with multiplexed segments, low part count =
'=             Shortest Nixie Bascom code available on the net              =
'=                                                                          =
'=                    Copyright 2011                        =
'=                    Code Created with Bascom                      =

$regfile = "M88pdef.dat"
$crystal = 1000000                                          'Internal 8mhz div/8
$hwstack = 32
$swstack = 64
$framesize = 16

Config Clock = Soft                                         'Use the softclock, 32.768KHz crystal connected to tosc1/2
Config Date = Dmy , Separator = -
Enable Interrupts
Date$ = "15-03-11"
Time$ = "12:15:45"

'== Setup hardware ==
Alias Portc
Config Digit = Output                                       'Set up portc as output for the digit
Ddrd = &B00111111                                           'Setup portd as output for the segment and keep bit6&7 free for other use
Alias Pinb.0
Alias Pinb.1
Config Button_hr = Input
Config Button_min = Input                                   'Set buttons as input
Set Portb.0
Set Portb.1                                                 'Switch on the pullup for the buttons

Dim Multiplex As Byte
= 1                                               'Multiplexer starts with 1


Select Case Multiplex
Case 1 : Digit = _sec Mod 10                               'Seconds
Case 2 : Digit = _sec / 10                                 'Seconds tens
Case 4 : Digit = _min Mod 10                               'Minute
Case 8 : Digit = _min / 10                                 'Minute tens
Case 16 : Digit = _hour Mod 10                             'Hour
Case 32 : Digit = _hour / 10                               'Hour tens
End Select

Portd = &B11000000 Or Multiplex                             'Switch on one tube
Waitms 2                                                    'Some delay to slow down the multiplexer

If Multiplex < 32 Then                                      'Shift the multiplexer one bit to the left until all 6 segments are done
Shift Multiplex , Left , 1
= 1                                              'Start over again at segment 1
End If

Debounce Button_min , 0 , Setminute , Sub                   'One of the buttons pressed, jump to the sub to change the time
Debounce Button_hr , 0 , Sethour , Sub


'=== Subs ===
Incr _min
If _min > 59 Then _min = 0

Incr _hour
If _hour > 23 Then _hour = 0