Bascom Bootloader Pc-side


This program is compatible with the Bascom Avr-Bootloader as it’s shipped with Bascom
You can program the flash with it, but not the eeprom, feel free to modify the code and share it with us.
It’s written in Vb6 and uses the (Free) McsCom module from for communication.

Tested with Bascom, Mega8 and M128.

Download now inclusief source code.



Manchester Decode

This will decode the received manchester code on the pc-side, that’s coded by the Bascom sample .

'Manchester decoder VB5/6 Evert 2007 V1.0
Dim Mansword As Double
Mansword = Highbyte                                         'Make a word out of the high and low byte
Mansword = Mansword * 256
Mansword = Mansword + Lowbyte
Manchesterdecode = 0                                        'Set output to zero
For Lus = 1 To 8                                            'Run loop 8 times
Manchesterdecode = Manchesterdecode * 2                     'Shift the bit to the left
If(mansword And 49152) = 16384 Then                         'If the left 2 bits are 01
    Manchesterdecode = Manchesterdecode + 1                 ' Incr Output
End If
Mansword = Mansword * 4                                     'Shift bit 2x to the left
Next Lus
End Function