A long time ago when i started with electronics one of my first projects was a talkingdice from the Elektor magazine November 1982.
It was based on the Texas instruments TMS5100 speech chip. The eprom was programmed with dutch speech code and it was working reasonably, considering the year (1982) it was not bad at all.
It could only speak from 1 to 6 with no visual feedback.
After all these years Elektor has never made a modern version of the talking dice and it looks fun to me to make a new dice and send it to Elektor for publishing in there magazine, but after keeping me warm for 2 years they decided not to publish it anymore.
Now it’s on my own website that has more readers then Elektor these days Smile

This talkingdice is based on my RC2 decoder / soundplayback and will produce much better sound-quality with visual feedback and the option to throw with 1 or 2 dices.
You can choose between 1 or 2 dices by keeping de roll button pressed during start-up.
For the enclosure i have used a transparent Straapubox red (Conrad 528347). It gives a nice finish and make the leds better visible.They are also available in other colors, so let your creative flow.
The current through the leds is limited to 8mA to extended battery life time and prevent that the maximum source current of the M88 will be exceeded.



Download here your stuff if you want to make one yourself.
Eagle cadsoft pcb & schematic
Hexfiles ready to run
Source code written with Bascom-Avr

If you want to do more, for example make you own voice files with your own voice, read this and  specially the RC2-Howto.pdf in this download.