For my Joshua domotica I needed a better tcp/ip gateway. The old gateway was only used as gateway, but this #2 revision will also be used as webserver to control the devices on the Joshua bus from a webpage so that it can be used from different mobile devices.

This new tcp/ip gateway will run on a Stm32F427 arm processor in combination with the Texas instruments ethernet phy DP83848. These combination is already tested and working well in this post.
For communication with the Joshua bus we have an Rs-485 driver, for storing images for the webpages  there’s a Sd card connected to the Stm32 with 4bit width sdio interface. There’s also an i2c eeprom on the pcb to store some specific Joshua network parameters.

To check the working of the gateway there’s a 320×240 color tft screen connected trough spi bus. This display uses the ILI9341 controller for the display and the XPT2046 for the touchscreen. The last one is fully compatible with the well known ADS7843.

For my previous arm projects i had used the Coocox ide, but after the update to the 2.xx version is become very crapy. Now I will use the Em::Bitz ide, known before as Em::Blocks.



If you want to make your own, or use parts of the design, feel free to download the design in Eagle.