Oldies programmers

Programmers and debuggers, how much of those I didn’t make.. looking at this page when it’s finished, more then suspected.
Some of them used one or twices for a special project or because it was working crappy.


SE512 programmer
[singlepic id=’348′ w=’200′ h=’300′]
Develop and programmer for the AT89Cx051 series. Programmed maybe 5 chips with it before I switched to the Avr series.


AT89C2051 programmer
[singlepic id=’325′ w=’200′ h=’300′]
My first AT89Cx051 series programmer. With this you could only program the mcu, so debugging was a lot of work. Take the chip out the pcb, put it in the programmer, program it, back to the pcb…. and again.


HV Stk500 compatibel usb programmer
[singlepic id=’336′ w=’200′ h=’300′]
For the avr serie’s an usb high voltage programmer. Used it one or twice,  running the usb stack on a Mega8 was sloooow. Not handy to use for development.