For the second time the light controller of my Kymco S8 is broken.
You expect that Kymco improves bad designed parts, but unfortunately the replacement part is broken now again. The light controller will cost here in The Netherlands around €65, a lot of money for something you not really need.
The light controller will dim you light’s when the engine is running at idle speed. It’s not exactly clear why this is done but they say that it is to comply with the Euro 2 norm. Less pollution when the engine is running at idle speed.
When the controller breaks down you don’t have light anymore, no dim light and no high beam. When the blue high beam light on your dashboard is working you can almost be sure that the controller is broken.
To bypass the light controller and not alter your cable wiring you can insert some 8mm (outside measured) “fork crimp socket” in the plug that was going to the controller.
Be sure to bridge the blue wire with the blue wire and the white one with the white one.
Fork should insert easy, but you should feel that it’s making perfect contact.
The other 3 wires are for the power supply for the controller and the 3e single wire is coming from your cdi to tell the controller the rpm.
You don’t need them anymore.
To get it all mechanical stable and to prevent short circuit to some metal parts, finish it with some tape or heat shrinking tube.