Inspired by the Nixie clock in “Nutz & Volts” magazine from October 2006 I like to make my own.
In the original design they used the xtal from the cpu for the clock  source, in my design we use a Ds-1307 realtime clock that synchronize every hour with a NTP server on the internet. This is accomplished through the Joshua bus and the TCP/IP gateway. Now we have always the exact time. The function of the clock are controlled with the Joshua bus, or with the buttons on the back side.

After some modifications from the 170V booster the clock is now working fine. The booster voltage was dropping below 100V when there was more then 1 tube connected. With the help of some nixie experts we changed the coil in a larger one, 170V is now ok.
Designed the top and bottom plate with front panel designer from Schaeffer and ordered the panels.