Sonoff Touch Led Mod

Just like in all other Sonoff products one of the leds is hardwired to the relay and will lit up when the relay is switched on.
In my post over the Sonoff Wifi powerline switch mod I described how to put the led on a seperate IO pin of the Esp8266 so you can get full control over the led.
This post will do the same for the Sonoff touch led that’s behind the touch sensor.

The Sonoff touch has an Psf-a85 module on board from Itead, this module has the esp8285 inside. With the pinout and schematic available of the psf-a85 it’s easy to find the required pins.

You need to scratch the pcb track that’s going to the 1K resistor (see picture below). After that you need solder a thin wire between the 1K resistor and one of the free IO pins on the psf-a module, in the picture I choose pin 3 IO4.

Now you have full control over both (wifi and touch) led.
My idea was to let the touch led glow so you can find the touch button easy in the dark.

If you don’t know how to flash the esp8285 have a look at this.
Personally I add to all my ESPxx programs the OTA (over the air) flash capability’s so you can remove the usb to serial convertor and close up the housing for safety purpose and flash new firmware ota.

Arduino ide settings:
Generic Esp8285 Module
CPU Frequency: 80MHz
Flash Size: 1M (64K SPIFFS)
Upload Speed: 115200

Demo/test Sketch at Github


Sonoff Touch, Touch led glow