Various software

In the past I wrote a lot of software, all custom made for friends, work and on demand. Some application’s are not used anymore, other are still in use.
The first is called “Fastfood delivery” and is written for a customer of my that had a Pizzaria/shoarma restaurant and needed a application for the delivery. Some highlights;
Connection with a modem possible so that with Caller id the customers information appears automatic, Customers history with orders and grandtotal. Orders are stored also for every delivery boy to check the cashflow.


For my work I made a tool called “Euroconvertor” to convert in databases from Vectron Commander 5 all guilder prices and sales in Euro’s.


Also for my work I made “Invullijst”. With this application our customers could fill in how the ecr must be programmed and programmed then the ecr ,did saved a lot time.


For private use I have made my own Mp3player. This is the 1 revision, for the 2e revision see this .


For an girlfriend of my I wrote “Escort service”, yep for the escort business.
The program exist of an customer and employee database. The customer database is a regular dbase with customer information, there are some special fields implanted like, Credit-card, location for the meeting and customer history.
The employee database has special fields with characterize of the employee so you know or look up what you want to sell.
When a employee is on standby her(his) name will appear in the status window. If a customer has chosen a employee you can connect them both together and this will also appears in the status window. Now you know exact when and where your employee is for security reasons.


For my previous boss I wrote a crm program including , stock control, invoices,  summon etc.